Member Satisfaction

We Amplify the Voice of the Customer

Gathering customer feedback through both qualitative and quantitative measures is key for:

  • Validating current strategies
  • Evaluating and refining priorities
  • Monitoring the impact of initiatives (programs, services, functions)

We can help you with developing a customer feedback system and mechanisms for obtaining these critical opinions. From creating, implementing and analyzing member surveys to attending member events to holding focus groups, .orgSource has proven success in gaining actionable feedback that can help guide strategic initiatives.

.orgSource takes the time to understand the issues our clients face; we gather input from internal and external stakeholders to help guide what to probe from customers—and the best way to do it. Just as important, we provide results and recommendations from our efforts in a clear and concise manner. 

Call upon .orgSource’s Doug Klegon for help with survey development as well as other market research.