For technology to function optimally, there needs to be well-designed processes and standard operating procedures. Particularly when making system changes, it is critical that old ways of doing things are not just layered on top of a new system. 

.orgSource will help you examine your current processes and identify areas for improvement.

We begin by auditing your current processes, capturing the way things are done and documenting the pain points your team encounters along the way. 

Next, we will help you design new business processes with an eye toward your association’s top priority: Providing better service to your members by making improvements in efficiency, effectiveness and quality. 

This means the focus will not be solely on workflows. To make new processes work, you may need to:

  • Redefine roles
  • Develop new standards and policies 
  • Increase training to enable decision making throughout the organization
  • Revamp incentive systems to reward outcomes as well as adherence to processes

With a holistic view of process changes, we can help you make sizable improvements to the cost-effectiveness of your technology systems while bolstering the level of service you provide to your members.