Systems and Suppliers


Do you have a true understanding of all the systems, vendors and protocols that must work together to comprise your digital strategy? 

Or, when it’s time to make an upgrade, do you worry that you may be disrupting the interconnections among your systems? Perhaps it feels like you are pulling a piece out of a Jenga puzzle: You cross your fingers and hope that it doesn’t bring the whole thing down.

At .orgSource, our team can bring clarity to this situation, offering an unbiased perspective to take stock of your digital solutions with an audit of your systems and suppliers.  

Our audit makes sure that vendors’ promises became a reality. And if there have been modifications made to a system, we can make sure they are meeting your needs. 

Plus, a system integration audit can review whether your major technology systems are working together seamlessly and sharing data as they should. 

The importance of assuring system integrations and establishing a single source repository for data about your members, other customers and stakeholders has multiple benefits, including:

  • Increased efficiency, accuracy and data integrity
  • Ability to link data across systems to create a personalized digital experience for users
  • Enhanced marketing and cross-selling capabilities, allowing you to push specific content to target customer segments
  • Setting the stage for robust business intelligence systems and enhanced data-driven decision making

Through the audits, we also evaluate your systems from a high-level perspective to make sure they work together seamlessly to support your association’s goals. 

Even if you have a complicated patchwork of existing systems, we can help you understand how it all works — and we will advise you about what needs to happen so that everything functions seamlessly to support your association’s overall objectives and mission.