Communications Gap Analysis

Is Your Communications Strategy Properly Aligned?

You already know that your association is competing for your members’ attention with hundreds of other sources for information, entertainment and personal connection.

So how do you ensure that your members make the time for your communications vehicles, whether they be print, digital, video, mobile or social media?

Our experienced communications team at .orgSource can help. They will work with you to evaluate your organization’s current communications strategy and to determine whether it is lined up with your organization’s goals, objectives and mission.

Our communications professionals will determine what other information sources are the strongest competition for your members’ time and what factors about those other sources are most appealing. They will survey staff, leadership, members and stakeholders, too.

Metrics will be developed and analyzed for use later in assessing the success of the new tactics.

At the end of this process, you will understand what your association’s communications strengths are – and what areas are in need of improvement. You will have communications strategies that support the organization’s goals – and tactics tied to each strategy and benchmarks so that success can be measured going forward.

With the support of the .orgSource team, you’ll see how transformational a properly aligned communications strategy can be.