Customer Journey


Your members are the focal point of everything you do as an association. 

But how deeply do you understand them, and what they expect from you? Do you know how to exceed their expectations in ways that are meaningful to them?

A customer journey map visually tells the story of the experience of your members and other stakeholders, from initial contact to long-term engagement. 

It is a powerful tool, especially today, with a digital landscape that has undergone rapid transformation over the past decade. With every change in technology, the customer journey changes with it.

Our .orgSource team will cut through the chaos to identify key interactions the user has with your association, whether it’s becoming a member, getting education and training, participating in events or renewing memberships. 

From there, we’ll capture users’ feelings and motivations at each of these points, and any frustrations they encounter along the way, to build to a greater picture: What do they expect of you, and how do they rely on you?

We can help you understand your members’ experience more deeply, and to identify the roadblocks they encounter as they toggle between websites, mobile devices, social media, email and other platforms. 

Most importantly, the customer journey map will identify opportunities to enhance your members’ experience.

The customer journey map is a powerful tool: It is data that paints a picture of your organization, as it is now, to help you move toward your vision of the future.