Google Analytics Audits


There’s more to life than page views! 

With Google Analytics, you have the ability to define and measure goals to better understand how users are interacting with the information on your website. These analytics tools are now the standard for measuring the success of a variety of digital communications.

Yet many organizations do not understand how to unlock the potential of Google Analytics. 

At .orgSource, we have experts with the Google Analytics Individual Qualification and we know how to use analytics as part of the overall assessment of your website. We can guide you through a review of your existing data and develop meaningful metrics for ongoing performance analysis. 

An analytics strategy can help you:

  • Truly know your visitors to provide them the content they need on the appropriate platform
  • Improve internal and external search results
  • Build key performance indicators (KPIs) to track and measure business goals for your website
  • Troubleshoot technical issues
  • Identify the content and services on your website that your constituents really need, improving overall usability and customer loyalty

Put the expertise of our consultants to use — ensuring that your site is developed, managed and maintained with your users in mind.