Usability Testing


Is your website intuitive and easy to use? If you’re missing the mark even by a small margin, you are likely frustrating your digital audience — and undoing some of the work you’ve done on strategy, site architecture and content.

  • If your site is difficult to search, it will discourage visitors from seeking information. 
  • If your site is difficult to navigate, it will frustrate the members who rely on your association for news, networking, continuing education, advice and much more.
  • If your site is not mobile-friendly, you’ll alienate the growing audience that views content on their smartphones and tablets.

The good news is that subtle improvements can make a big difference. But the key question is: Which improvements should you make? 

At .orgSource, we have experts in the area of usability testing who can organize testing to shed light on how your members use your website, what’s useful to them and why. We will then observe how users interact with your site under various scenarios. 

Based on this data, we will identify the problem areas and we’ll help you formulate a plan to resolve the issues in the most efficient, impactful way. The result will be member value that has lasting impact both online and off.