Website Assessment


If your website stumbles in crucial areas — such as usability, reliability, mobile-friendliness, design or content — you may be losing out on the opportunity to deliver significant value to your members and stakeholders. 

At .orgSource, we understand how vital your online presence is in your relationship with your constituents. 

We know that the user experience isn’t just driven by design and pretty colors so our process takes a 360-degree look at your content strategy, the functionality of your website and what you need for the future.

To this end, we will:

  • Look at what your website is really saying: What messages come through on your key pages, which audience segments is the site serving and how up-to-date and relevant is your content.
  • Assess the functionality of the website: How powerful is your search engine, how well-designed are the transactional and self-service features of the site, are you using multi-dimensional taxonomies to tag content, and does the site use a mobile-friendly, responsive design?
  • Gather data on current use of the site and member expectations: What do your members say they expect from your website, how does it compare to your competitors’ websites and what are the current analytics for your site?
  • Synthesize findings and chart a path to the future: How well does the current site fit your strategic direction, are the site’s capabilities robust enough to meet the needs of the future, and what changes should occur so that you can reach your goals and get the largest return on your website investment? 

“.orgSource helped the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine completely redo its website. The technology strategy they introduced is still being used as a template for improvements now and into the future.”

- Ronald S. Moen, former CEO at the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine