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Our world is more connected now and in ways that few could foresee. In a matter of weeks, health foundations can attract more than $100 million in donations from an ice-bucket challenge. Overnight, singing sensations are discovered on YouTube. And in a few seconds, citizens in repressive regimes can report on real news—temporarily bypassing censors to reveal the truth.

How we learned to apply our own recommendations to achieve a better result


Is your association’s website highly valued by your membership? Or is it just a spot they visit every once in a while to pay dues or check up on plans for the annual meeting?

Those are the questions posed by .orgSource’s Sherry Budziak and Doug Klegon in an article for “Vantage Point,” the quarterly magazine published by the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives.


Associations typically have an organizational strategic plan. But there is often a lack of strategy when it comes to technology, even though it is needed in order to implement successful marketing and membership initiatives. 

You don’t need to be a million-dollar organization to be innovative. You just need to be opportunity thinkers.

Members of the .orgSource team recently attended the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives Innovation Summit. Pam Henderson, Ph.D., author of “You Can Kill an Idea, But You Can't Kill an Opportunity!” was the keynote speaker. Her presentation got me thinking: How could I (and the associations that I work with) become “opportunity thinkers”?

The American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, prodded by some of its members, came upon an idea to get them more engaged: Instead of rewarding them for who they are, reward them for what they do for the association.

Maintenance. It’s not an exciting concept, but maintenance is required for ensuring your vehicle runs reliably, your home remains safe and comfortable, even that you don’t regain the weight your worked so hard to lose last summer!

We are very pleased to have a guest blogger sharing his thoughts today on gamification. Jack McGrath is president and creative director of Digitec Interactive. For the last 20 years, he has worked exclusively in digital media, specializing in eLearning. 

Here at .orgSource, we are developing a guest blogging relationship with Digitec Interactive. It is a 25-year-old company specializing in eLearning and web application development, with full-service eLearning and digital media production facilities in Orlando, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico.


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