Jessica Skiba 11/7/16

Task Management Reviews: QuickBase

Fifth of seven parts in this occasional .orgSource blog series featuring the pros and cons of popular online task management tools.


QuickBase is an online platform for managing projects and personal tasks. Known for their custom project management tools, QuickBooks has the ability to connect every team member, regardless of location, for major task productivity improvements.

The Good: With QuickBase’s customization and flexibility can help your team become more productive and faster. This platform allows you and your team members to gain access to important project information 24/7 on any device, whereever the location. QuickBase also offers a way to improve accountability by allowing you to create personalized notifications and reminders to keep team members informed, on time, and on budget. QuickBase also offers flexible price rates and reasonable product bundles that can easily adapt to changing business needs with prices ranging from $15-$40 a month.

The Bad: There have been some reviews that claim the interface on QuickBase isn't as entirely user friendly as they may claim to be.

The Ugly: There have also been reports that the actual customer service portal for QuickBase is not as good as other competitors. You may spend more time than necessary trying to learn how to use the platform or searching for answers to questions.



Overall, aside from some of the negative reviews, users still claim that this platform is easy to use and improves company productivity levels.

Stay tuned for more planning platform reviews in the upcoming weeks, and share with us some of the platforms you’ve used in the past—the good, the bad, and the ugly.


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