Jessica Skiba 12/05/16

Task Management Reviews: Quip

Sixth of seven parts in this occasional .orgSource blog series featuring the pros and cons of popular online task management tools.

Quip is an online platform for managing projects and personal tasks of any size.

The Good: Quip integrates chat, documents, spreadsheets and task lists in one product experience—making it easy to tie together all the pieces of your project in one shared folder, where everyone can see all the context and easily collaborate. And since projects are almost never entirely completed at your desk, Quip offers the exact same platform on every device—phone, tablet and personal computers.

There is a free version of Quip—it offers limited use of the platform for as long as you want. There are also three additional packages:

  • Team Plan is $10/month for teams of 10 or fewer individuals, and $40 for teams of 11-20 people;
  • Business Plan is $12/month per user
  • Enterprise Plan includes everything the Business Plan offers, plus a single-sign on option, API access, auditing and compliance features, and added security features.


The Bad: Quip does not have a team calendar or the option to add apps for integration. This platform also has been noted to have limited API.

The Ugly: With the free plan, you can search only the most recent 1,000 messages, and there are data limits for group sharing.


Overall, Quip is a great team collaboration tool for both document editing and group communication. It's quick to set up and easy to use, but it may not support the needs for fast-growing businesses. This platform is best suited for small teams that need a simple and efficient tool for document collaboration and quick communication.



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