Jessica Skiba 12/19/16

Task Management Reviews: Todoist

Final entry in this occasional .orgSource blog series featuring the pros and cons of popular online task management tools.

Todoist is a simple but powerful task management platform that offers numerous tools to make working projects and daily tasks quick and intuitive.


The Good: Todoist is multifunctional on various platforms and offers a clean and simple interface in comparison to some of its competitors. This application houses an array of tools for project classifications, team collaboration availabilities, location-based reminders as well as offline functionality for maximum productivity and organizational use.

Todoist comes in three levels: Free, Premium, and Business. The Premium and Business versions, starting at $29 annually, lets you set up labels and filters for active searches, upload files, and create template for projects. In addition, the Business version also has team management capability, including billing and tracking of logins. Premium users can share projects with up to 25 people, while the Business plan allows for 50 users.

The Bad: With the free plan, Todoist does not allow reminders, search, or task emailing—nor a different way to mark tasks.

The Ugly: While the free account is functional, there are some necessary features missing—making it nearly impossible not to upgrade your account.



Overall, with a clean and simple UI and support for plenty of platforms, Todoist is becoming one of the most feature-rich task management apps on the market.



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