Digital Advisors


As an association leader, you are faced with complex decisions about investments in digital infrastructure, systems and staffing in order to enhance member value, grow the organization and achieve core strategies.

But where to start?

In 10 years of guiding associations through digital transformations, we’ve learned that it’s not just about technology. Our approach starts with the organization’s strategic plan and digital culture, engaging senior management in a transformative journey that focuses on people, processes and systems.

With backgrounds as senior leaders in associations, .orgSource advisors can help guide your digital transformation regardless of your current stage of development.

Depending on your needs, issues we might explore with you would include:

  • How integrated is digital thinking throughout your association?
  • Does your leadership feel confident in evaluating technology options and making informed decisions?
  • Is your organization ready and accepting of needed change?
  • Do you have a well-defined pathway to meeting your technology needs for the future?
  • Are there particular knowledge areas or skill sets that need development?

“If it weren’t for .orgSource, the Society of Gynecologic Oncology would not have been able to revamp its website navigational framework in a manner that was relevant and intuitive to its key audiences. After working with the .orgSource team, we had a better understanding and clarity around how to restructure this important asset to meet the needs of our membership as well as the general public.”

-Susan Morris, director, Corporate Communications, Society of Gynecologic Oncology


“As an association executive, I am frequently faced with a need to make a change or advance an initiative and often asking myself, “where do I start?” .orgSource is the first call I make—they know the latest trends, the best of the best, and what bells and whistles you can live without if the budget won’t permit them.”

 -Debra Kennedy, associate executive director, American Society for Dermatologic Surgery