Integrated Systems


Having core systems that seamlessly work together and share data is one the differentiators between organizations that are maximizing the power of their digital systems and those that are underperforming.

When .orgSource assist you with the selection of a new system, not only do we want to help you identity a system that fits your association's budget, culture, short-term needs and long-term objectives, but we also want to make sure that it will integrate well with other systems.


At the core of your organization is its Association Management System. When implemented effectively, The AMS system can eliminate duplicate processing and “islands” of data, allowing you to build comprehensive profiles of your customers, enhance functionality such as through single sign-on processes, become more3 efficient and support business intelligence.


Your content management system (CMS) should eliminate the headaches of keeping your website up to data and relevant for your users. When paired with your AMS it also can set the stage for personalizing the members experience when interacting with your digital communications.  When choosing a CMS and web design vendor, .orgSource consultants recommend the additional step of developing a comprehensive content strategy that involves refining your target audiences, their content needs and your content creation and management processes.   


As your organization expands its online education capabilities, you may need a capable LMS to manage training and educational records as well as offerings such as online or blended/hybrid courses with features for online collaboration. In recommending an LMS, .orgSource also understands the unique training needs of associations for continuing education or tracking maintenance of licensure.

Online and Networking Partners:

Online communities may be appropriate, either for the overall membership—or to facilitate the work of committees and task forces. .orgSource will provide an unbiased view of whether you need online community software, and if so, guide you through the process of finding the right system for your organization.