RFP Development/Vendor Assessment


.orgSource consultants come from association backgrounds, and have written and evaluated hundreds of requests for proposals. We will help you develop a custom RFP and rigorous evaluation process that will lead to the right vendor for your organization and project.

The .orgSource process begins with a thorough understanding of your core strategies, objectives, current system capabilities and future needs. Our consultants will work with your association to gather requirements and leverage any work you’ve already conducted. We will meet and interview key staff and gain further insights using our proprietary requirements questionnaires.

Once requirements are well defined, we will create the RFP, detailing your association’s environment, the challenges you are trying to solve and your business requirements. We’ll also help you craft questions regarding the potential vendors’ ability to meet the technical requirements as well as help determine the future stability of their company. The RFP also will yield you valuable information about preliminary costs, support options and the opinions of previous clients.

We will handle all aspects of distributing the RFP to the vendors most likely to meet your needs. Then once replies are received, we provide a thorough evaluation, narrowing the field to vendors who will be invited to provide a product demonstration. We will then will craft tools such as demonstration scenarios and evaluation forms to guide your decision-making. 

Throughout the entire process will be with you every step of the way, drawing upon our extensive experience to provide independent insights and guidance so that you can be confident that you are making the right system choices for your organization.