Digital Communications & Marketing


Develop Your Digital Marketing Roadmap

Do you ever wonder if your marketing efforts are really working or are you simply doing "random acts of marketing" hoping that something will stick?   

All associations need to periodically redefine and refresh their digital marketing strategies in order to break through the clutter and to reach new levels of success. Having a clear and well-developed plan will allow you to better use internal and external resources, increase organizational awareness, as well as clearly and consistently communicate the unique value of your organization and its offerings. The ramifications of an ineffective or poorly defined strategy have far reaching implications across the entire association and its ability to reach their objectives.

.orgSource will serve as your "special operations team" to support your IT, marketing and digital teams—helping them to better integrate marketing, technology and analytics to achieve organizational goals. We fill in the talent gaps and become the strategy and execution engine to help your association grow. 

Digital Marketing Advisory Services 

We provide our advisory services on both an on-going ad hoc basis or in a more formal setting. For example, we will work through strategic issues informally during daily phone calls, meetings, brainstorming sessions, or in an editing session for a major initiative. In other instances, we provide advisory in more formal settings through structured workshops. Among the services we provide:

  • Integrated marketing plan development. We review and assist with the preparation of marketing strategies, branding, communications, digital marketing as well as develop timelines for marketing tactics, and budgets. We will advise how to align marketing and communication efforts across enterprise-wide promotional channels. We also provide fresh perspective and guidance on activities and programs that are currently in progress.
  • Launch planning. When it's time to launch a new product or service, we offer seasoned, valuable advice that helps our clients succeed in the marketplace.
  • Conduct marketing audits. Over the years, associations accrue massive amounts of content. Every so often, it's a good idea to inventory and assess what you've got, so you can determine where your content gaps are and whether your existing content needs updating.
  • Association and product positioning. How you position your association in the market is perhaps the single most important decision your organization will make. We provide counsel and feedback on various alternative positioning strategies
  • Define key metrics and goals. We will offer analytics and key performance indicator suggestions, helping you to decide what to measure and what platforms to use to make measuring easier.