A map is only as useful as its level of detail: Where are the hidden dangers, such as roadblocks, construction sites or disaster areas? 

At .orgSource, we design multi-year digital roadmaps to anticipate major needs and potential challenges. The goal is to achieve as smooth a ride as possible during project development and execution.

Our long-range approach helps ensure you have the needed oversight and resources in place to avoid major danger zones such as:

  • Trying to juggle overlapping projects that strain budgets and staff
  • Overwhelming the organization with too much change, too fast
  • Being bogged down with an implementation that consistently drifts off schedule
  • Attempting to implement systems without sufficient attention to dependencies, interdepartmental impacts or integration requirements with other systems

We will also build an “alarm system” into your digital roadmap – a monitoring and assessment component – to alert you to any problems once you embark on your journey. 

Every step of the way, you will know you are moving toward an on-time, on-budget, successful deployment whose impact will move your association forward for years to come.