Taxonomy Development

Classifying Methods That Support Your Organization's Content Strategy

When visiting their association’s website, one of the issues that most often frustrates members is the inability to find what they are looking for. Members become annoyed. So do staff members, who feel the content they’ve worked so hard to create is not reaching its intended audience.

Luckily, there is a remedy: Implement a taxonomy, a system of classifying website content. 

The consultants at .orgSource can help you create a taxonomy that will make data easily searchable, not only creating a personalized website experience but also encourage members to share information that resonates with them.

Through surveys, search logs and researching terms that are common to your association, .orgSource can help you create a robust system of categorization. That will include the development of a standard set of metadata, tags including subjects, descriptions and keywords that describe content so that it is easily found.

Just as categorizing your iTunes library by genre, artist and title makes it easier to find the song you are looking for, creating a logical and strong organization system behind the scenes via taxonomies will improve information sharing across the association and on your website.

The .orgSource team can help your association create a strong, standards-based taxonomy so that your content finds its way to its intended audience.