Determining the Best Community Strategy for Your Organization

An online community for an association is often quite different than those for a general audience. Your members are not coming to your site to “browse” while they are bored. Instead, they arrive to share, collaborate and exchange information and ideas with peers. Therefore, your community strategy must support the need for knowledge exchange and learning.

Traditionally, community platforms have been used to facilitate networking for various groups and subgroups of an association, such as committees or regional groups. But you might also want to include other options, such as chat rooms, forums, collaboration spaces, resources to supplement education and tools that allow for easy sharing of media, documents and news. The choices can be overwhelming.

That’s where .orgSource can help.

Our consultants can share with you examples of associations that have successfully created content, attracted members, generated discussion and kept members active and interested in their online communities. They can help you figure out the purpose of your community – and then select and implement an online community platform that helps you achieve that purpose.

They will acquaint you with management strategies that will make your community a productive and comfortable place to participate. And the .orgSource team will get you set up to measure the metrics that are worth benchmarking and tracking.