Mobile Strategy

Identifying Which Mobile Strategy is Right for Your Association

The days of desktop dominance are over. Laptops are passé. Mobile is the new king of the hill.

There are now more than 1 billion smartphones in use worldwide; they began outselling PCs in 2011. Tablets are expected to outsell laptops within a year or two. 

So that means if your association is not doing a good job of communicating with your members on the go, you are missing out on a key constituency that is only going to grow in size. 

The consultants at .orgSource have been working on mobile strategies for years, ever since mobile web browsing arrived on the scene. They can help your association develop a mobile strategy that’s right for you.

That might involve:

  • Responsive design: You website is designed so that its layout, images, content and navigation can change automatically according to the size of the device being used. (Here's a neat tool that lets you view your website at various screen resolutions.)
  • A dedicated mobile version of your site: These sites are optimized for a smaller screen, but they offer a limited amount of content.
  • A mobile application: Apps are designed to run on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Developing a mobile strategy is critical to keeping your members engaged and your association relevant. The team at .orgSource can help your association create a mobile presence that’s effective, and a right fit not only for your members but also your association’s goals and mission, too.