Information Architecture

Determining the Best Way to Convey Your Message

Information Architecture is like the backbone of a website. Just as the spine is one of the most important parts of the human body, so is a strong IA vital to creating a positive user experience, including accessibility, usability and fundability.
The .orgSource process usually starts with us giving you a detailed map of your site’s current structure. Then we work on developing a strategy for improvement.

To do that, we employ user feedback and usability studies. 

One of our most successful methods involves your own association members. We often recruit members to participate in card sorting; it is a method of organizing content into categories that we use to guide user-friendly site navigation. 

The end result helps us recommend an IA that will allow your users to easily find information on your website, understand that info and navigate your site with confidence – whether they enter your site on the home page, or arrive there by jumping to a page deep within your site.