Engaging a Consultant and Interim Staffing

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People think of consultants as guides for long-term projects. But a consultant can also provide just-in-time rescue from a difficult situation or help you bridge unforeseen operational and administrative gaps. If you are wondering whether to upgrade software or how to keep members engaged, assistance is a click away. Consultants can relieve stress and lighten the burden of leadership by:

· Providing a fresh perspective on your projects and activities

· Supporting outsourcing and alternate staffing

· Bringing years of experience to the task at hand

· Being an objective observer and neutral voice

· Providing the data and analytics needed to speak truth to power

· Instilling confidence in risk-averse participants

· Sharing knowledge of the latest best practices, tools, and technologies

· And, last but not least, being a sympathetic sounding-board

.orgSource consultants have extensive expertise in:

· Business and digital strategy

· Certification and accreditation

· Marketing and communications

· Project management

· Technology and IT (Interim CIO)

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