Leading Organizational Transformation

Strategies for Success

Association transformations are the core of what we do at .orgSource, and it has been that way for the past 15 years. If your association is falling short of its full potential or seems stuck, we can work with you to change the operational and strategic trajectory of your association and produce game-changing results.

With our Association 4.0 toolkit, we benchmark where you are today. This helps to establish a shared understanding of where you are currently. Our transformation approach assesses how your organization performs in these areas:

  • Strategy
  • Operations
  • Performance Improvement
  • Customer Strategy and Marketing
  • Digital Strategy and Information Technology

Keeping up with change can be a challenge, and with the age of digital transformation upon us, it is essential that executives know where their associations currently fall on the association evolution spectrum. This knowledge will help them plan for their evolution to Association 4.0 status.

What is .orgSource’s approach to organizational transformation?

.orgSource’s Organizational Transformation Method provides strategic and tactical support to undergo organizational transformation, designing and implementing your organization of the future.

The method includes six major components:

  • Step 1: Assess readiness
  • Step 2: Address organizational building blocks
  • Step 3: Analyze the current technology and digital environment
  • Step 4: Determine future requirements and gaps
  • Step 5: Create a comprehensive Transformation Roadmap
  • Step 6: Initiate a change management and implementation plan

Based on specific needs and project scope, we incorporate a variety of data gathering and analytical tools, including:

  • The Transformation Readiness Survey measures your readiness for change. It identifies strategic needs and priorities. The resulting action plan sets the stage for successful organizational and technological transformation. There are 72 items that measure organizational readiness across nine domains:
    • Strategy
    • Decision Making
    • Innovation
    • People/Skills/Culture
    • Processes/Operations
    • Technology/Systems
    • Metrics/Analytics
    • Revenue
    • Cybersecurity
  • Senior management team strategy sessions, which help create a vision for transformational change, and necessary requirements for success.
  • Comprehensive assessments of current capabilities, voice of customer information, and input from governance.
  • Group workshops, consensus building and change management processes to further refine future strategy and priorities.
  • An extensive suite of products to help you attain your goals.

Let us help you get to Association 4.0!

Success Story

“In late 2017, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeon’s Board of Directors approved a new Education strategic plan. We knew in order to deliver on their expectations that we needed a fresh perspective. That spring, the Academy hired .orgSource to review our day to day operations and how we could better adopt a strategic, integrated approach to content strategy and product portfolio management for our online learning team.

Sherry and Kevin were quickly able to dissect our problems and deliver an approach that not only applied to our online learning team but scaled across the entire education team. They developed a comprehensive approach for us – looking at our people, our processes, and our technology – to ensure that we would be pro-active in our communication, build a culture of tolerance for innovation, experimentation and risk taking, employ clear decision-making processes, priority setting, and resource allocation. They also provided recommendations for the short, medium and longer term on how to be more collaborative and deliberate in our communication with each other. As a direct result of their input, we were able to make decisions on our internal alignment quickly and efficiently. Since implementing many of their recommendations, we are delivering more content with higher usage than ever before. As a testament to their forward-thinking approach, we continue to reference their reports as we update our annual strategic plans, nearly 2 years later.”

– Anna Troise, Chief Education Strategist, AAOS