Association 4.0™ - Positioning for Success in an Era of Disruption

Today’s volatile technology landscape has opened associations up to competition from all directions. It’s leading associations to rethink their business models and reformulate their value propositions.

Association 4.0 – Positioning for Success in an Era of Disruption

By Sherry Budziak and Kevin Ordonez

If you’ve been hiding from the future, get ready for a reality check. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is real. And it’s here. Let expert association leaders guide you in making the leap to Association 4.0. This book is mandatory reading for forward looking executive leadership, management and the Board of Directors. This book will help you

  • Tame the information jungle
  • Stay ahead of fast changing technology
  • Design governance that works for the future
  • Expand membership and non-dues revenue
  • Synch tech with operations
  • Empower innovation

We published Association 4.0—Positioning for Success in an Era of Disruption because we’re committed to the advancement of associations. Read an excerpt.

“The pace of technological change is exponential and algorithmic,” Shapiro says. “Smartphones are ubiquitous, and with the Internet, wireless technology, and analytics [available at one’s fingertips], anyone with tech skills and a broadband connection can create a new company.”

Gary Shapiro
President and CEO, Consumer Technology Association

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