Recruiting the right candidate for a vacant position is not only time-consuming, but it can also put stress on existing team members who may already be dealing with change and understaffing.

.orgSource’s experienced consultants have served in leadership roles in the association community and have developed a systemized recruiting process designed specifically for associations. They have an extensive network of contacts to call upon when helping you to find candidates with the right skills to become a valued part of your organization, as well as the tools and resources to save you time and money.

The .orgSource recruiting process typically includes the following components:

Knowing Your Organization: Learning about your organization’s mission, current staffing structure and corporate culture ensures that the prospects we present to you not only look great on paper, but also will serve as a valued asset to your team. 

Drafting Position Descriptions and Candidate Responsibilities: Based on our extensive knowledge and familiarity of how associations operate—both large and small—we have developed dozens of job descriptions that can be customized to fit your specific organization and unique role.

Bringing the Best Candidates: We will leverage our vast network to find and screen the absolute best candidates to fill your role. We use a process of resume screening, phone and face-to-face interviewing to recruit only individuals that we are completely confident will fill your staffing need and fit in with your corporate culture. 

Administration: Let our experienced consultants handle candidate screening, scheduling, and educating prospects on why your organization is a great place to work 

Extending a Job Offer: Once you have met and agreed upon the perfect candidate to fill your role, we can help e negotiate a fair and competitive offer based on our industry research and familiarity of typical compensation for various roles.

Providing Temporary Staffing: Our consultants all have previous experience working for associations and are available to fill a role while you search for the perfect full-time hire or serve as an extra set of hands during crunch time.