In-Company Training

Our in-company training is designed to get your team up to speed and on the same page for strategic or operational improvements.

Set Your Team Up For Success

Developing or executing a strategy only to find everyone on the team has a different level of understanding and different thoughts on how to move the work forward can create frustrations and delay deliverables at best and derail the project at worst. .orgSource in-company training sessions give your team members the same foundational understanding, clear direction forward and tools for success. Set your team up for success – book your .orgSource training today!

In-Company Training Categories

.orgSource training is designed to level set and advance your team’s knowledge while providing clear direction. We offer two types of programs:

Other programs include:

  • Crafting Winning Strategies: Strategic Planning for Organizational Growth
  • Questions Are The Answers: Breakthrough Approach to Innovation and Creative Thinking
  • Digital Learning Strategy: Harnessing Technology to Deliver Value
  • Website Strategy and Writing for the Web
  • Managing Complex Technology Projects
  • Management Essentials
  • Customized Programs

Hands-On and In-House

Training programs are customizable – allowing for a half day of education or a full day of education and hands-on training. Programs kick off with an educational session to ensure all learners share the same foundational knowledge.

The full-day trainings include built-in exercises and tools your team will use to create action plans. This helps your team familiarize themselves with the content and think through the application of what they’ve learned. As they build their action plans, .orgSource staff are there to offer guidance, present some challenges to ensure the team is thinking through different elements and answer any questions.

Review our strategic and operational in-company training topics then put your team on the path to success by scheduling your session today. Contact us at


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