Transformation Readiness Assessment

Create Your Path Forward

When associations evolve, they are better equipped to meet the changing needs of their members, partners, donors and others. Keeping up with change can be a challenge, and with the age of digital transformation upon us, it is essential that associations know where they fall currently on the association evolution spectrum. This knowledge will help them plan for their evolution to Association 4.0 status.

What is digital transformation?

Many people think digital transformation is about technology, but it isn’t. It’s about improving efficiency and customer intimacy. While both of those elements require technology, a digital transformation truly becomes successful when it’s built from your association’s strategic plan.

What is Association 4.0 status?

Association 4.0 is a customer-focused, value-based status that requires organizations capture and use data from their systems to make decisions. These efforts improve efficiency and strengthen relationships with customers, members and other key audiences.

Through .orgSource’s 4.0 Assessment tool, associations can identify where they currently are on the association evolution spectrum.

What is .orgSource’s approach to organizational transformation?

.orgSource’s Organizational Transformation Method provides strategic and tactical support to undergo organizational transformation, designing and implementing your digital environment for the future.

The Transformation Method is a customizable, multi-phased approach that provides each organization the ability to determine the pace and degree of support they receive from .orgSource.

The method includes six major components:

  • Step 1: Assess readiness
  • Step 2: Address organizational building blocks
  • Step 3: Analyze the current technology and digital environment
  • Step 4: Determine future requirements and gaps
  • Step 5: Create a comprehensive Digital Transformation Roadmap
  • Step 6: Initiate a change management and implementation plan

Based on specific needs and project scope we incorporate a variety of data gathering and analytic tools, including:

  • The 4.0 Assessment Tool measures organizational readiness for change by identifying strategic needs and priorities for action at the very beginning of a project. The resulting action plan sets the stage for successful organizational and technological transformation. There are 56 items that measure organizational readiness across nine domains:
    • Strategy
    • Decision Making
    • Innovation
    • Revenue
    • People/Skills/Culture
    • Processes/Operations
    • Technology/Systems
    • Cybersecurity
    • Metrics/Analytics
  • Senior management team strategy sessions to determine a vision for transformational change, and necessary requirements for success.
  • Comprehensive assessments of current capabilities, voice of customer information, and input from governance.
  • Group workshops, consensus building and change management processes to further refine future strategy and priorities.

Once the future roadmap is developed, .orgSource can continue to support the pathway to success, including:

  • System/vendor selection assistance for new or updated systems in the roadmap, including managing all aspects of determining requirements, developing and administering an RFP, and structuring the vendor selection process.
  • Implementation assistance, serving as the organization’s representative with system vendors, providing oversight and project management to achieve on time, on budget implementation per requirements.

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