Web Content Audit Tool

Organize your information in advance of your web redesign.

Over the years we’ve found that readying web content for a redesign can be incredibly time consuming–especially on older and larger websites. Our easy-to-use, proprietary Web Content Audit Tool takes the pain out of preparing your content for a website update or rebuild. The tool enables you to upload your website content into a database.

Once you’ve added the content to the tool, you can efficiently

  • Assign web pages to the correct owner for review and set deadlines
  • Mark the content as keep, revise, archive or delete
  • Leave notes for other staff or call their attention to a page
  • Download the information you’ve entered

When you’re done, you’ll have a streamlined content inventory spreadsheet to use for managing your web content development process. The .orgSource Web Content Audit Tool is your first step to an organized and user-friendly new website.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the .orgSource Web Content Audit Tool. We’ll be happy to give you a tour.

If you need assistance with website development, contact us. We have years of experience and expert consultants who can help you select the right vendor, manage the project, develop a content strategy and write professional web copy.

“Reviewing and auditing content for our 4,000+ page website was a daunting task. We didn’t know where to begin or what to ask, and subject matter experts struggled with reviewing when we did ask.

However, it was a very pleasant surprise when the .org source website content audit tool managed everything – with very little effort for the IT staff! We were able to assign and schedule reviewers, due dates, allow for multiple variations of status (delete, archive, edit, etc.), and generate reports giving us a clear picture of our current state and what work needed to be done.

From a project management standpoint, we were able to see a complete picture of the website, who was working on which section, when each task was due; all from an easy to use interface.

This resulted in completing our website content audit in a 1/3 of the time from what we had scheduled. The .org orgsource website audit tool also increased effectiveness of the review, allowing us to better structure our IA, trim the site down by 67%, and provide a much better user experience, with easy to find web friendly content.”

Travis Cheatham
Director of Technology Operations and Digital Solutions
American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists