Maximize Your Publishing Potential

Professional journals and periodicals can be a significant source of growth, revenue, and engagement. Is your publications program achieving that potential? Is it aligned with your business strategy and designed for synergy with other education, marketing, and communications initiatives?

Some associations deliberately silo their publishing programs due to misperceptions about editorial independence. Others may not have the resources to give this area the attention required for maximum productivity. Ongoing disruption in the publishing industry adds another layer of complexity to the challenge.

Whether you manage publications in-house, outsource, or are considering a change, .orgSource can evaluate the options, and find the right solution for you.

Customizable services include:

Publishing Business Audit

Discover what needs improvement. Understaffed commercial publishers do not always deliver on promised or contracted value. Whether you publish in-house or with a vendor, an audit can reveal areas for improvement in efficiency, branding, and profitability. Our team can educate staff and leaders on the facts about publishing relationships and recommend the business model that meets your needs.

Assessing Subscription-Based Publishing Versus Open Access

Demystify the controversy around open access versus subscription-based publishing—especially concerning requirements from both government and private funders. .orgSource can help you to evaluate options and understand complex industry terminology.

Preparing RFPs and Managing Contract Negotiations

Establish a successful commercial publishing relationship. A well-designed RFP, search, assessment, and contract negotiation can significantly reduce expenses and drive revenue. New efficiencies provide an opportunity to redeploy staff into more strategic pursuits.

Editor in Chief Search and Selection

Find the executive who will give your journal the stamp of professional excellence and credibility. Selecting the right editor in chief and developing clear responsibilities and expectations is critical in today’s publishing environment. .orgSource has the knowledge and expertise to help you identify and recruit a thought leader for the future.