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In response to questions and requests from our customers, we’ve created new “download and go” resources. The guidelines and whitepapers are available as Microsoft Word documents to make it easy for you to customize and implement.

Become the Association Your Members Want

As an entrepreneurial organization, .orgSource is obsessed with seeing around corners. Discovering the vein of gold in what looks like an ordinary rock, identifying a sinkhole that threatens to swallow your investment, and putting leaders on track to navigate the future, is where we excel.

Examples of Back to Office Protocols

This document illustrates ACOEM's protocols for returning to work. The document offers guidelines for space limitations, sanitation requirements and more to ensure a safe work environment.

Virtual Conference Guidebook

This 20-page guide is designed to be a starting point and a resource for helping your team think strategically about building and executing a successful virtual conference.

Scenario Planning Paper

This paper provides an outline to help you run potential scenarios for members and customers, products and services, operations, governance, finance and beyond. Watch the Scenario Planning webinar and our video about long, mid, and short-term planning to get the full picture.

Data is the new currency. Most association leaders, however, struggle to understand and fully utilize the data they have, let alone acquire the data they don’t. During this program, we explore the power of knowing your members better than anyone else, understanding how to direct the flow of data through the association to create value, and how to access data to measure outcomes and provide direction to achieve your goals.

Responding to Disruptive Events: Examples from the 2019-2020 COVID-19 Pandemic

This is an eclectic gathering of ways in which associations innovated to provide information, programs and services to assist members and the broader community during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2019-2020.


The Impact of a Low Touch Economy on Associations

We are seeing the impact the pandemic is having on the economy and have conducted several focus groups since March to get perspectives on the longer term impact this will have on associations.

During this webinar, Sherry Budziak, Founder & CEO, and Sharon Rice, Managing Director, Business Strategy, will share the outcome of this research as well as their perspective on the longer term impact beyond the current pandemic and how to navigate it. The discussion will focus on expected behavioral shifts and which innovation opportunities they will bring as well as the base case economic scenarios and strategies for you to adopt.

Emerging from Crisis - What Associations Need to Consider in Order to Thrive in the Future

During a disruptive event such as the COVID-19 pandemic, organizational leaders must adopt a short-term time frame focused on adaptive strategies for providing value and ensuring survival. But as soon as possible, the focus must shift to how to prepare for the future, and the ability to emerge as a stronger, more resilient organization.

In this webinar, Sherry Budziak, Founder & CEO of .orgSource, facilitates a conversation with Jeff De Cagna, Executive Advisor at Foresight First, Stefanie Reeves, Executive Director at Maryland Psychological Association, and Sharon Rice, Managing Director of Business Strategy at .orgSource, about what associations should consider next. 

6 Characteristics of Transformational Leaders During a Disruptive Era

Disruption is all around us today. We have quickly gone from the sharing economy to the curbside pick-up economy. Whether we liked it or prepared for it, our lives and the way we work, compete and add value has changed.  In this webinar .orgSource president, Kevin Ordonez, explores examples of 6 leadership characteristics that were common in our interviews of 50 CEOs and entrepreneurs of associations and for-profit companies. We also share with you the key questions to ask yourself and your organization to become better leaders.

Remain Relevant by Becoming a Digital Leader

During this webinar, Sherry Budziak discussed how being a digital leader has never been more urgent for associations to remain relevant. Adapting an integrated digital strategy and the way you work can make the difference between business continuity and a meltdown.

Exploring Your Alternatives Using Decision Trees

There are many decisions associations will be making. Whether it is delaying dues, moving your meeting virtually, or other decisions where there are many options, using a decision tree framework can help guide decisions. Sharon Rice, Managing Director of Strategy for .orgSource, showed us how to anticipate multiple possible scenarios for how things might unfold over time using a decision tree.

Leading in Uncertain Times

The Leading in Uncertain Times presentation offers valuable insights and key takeaways you can implement now to prepare for whatever is next. Get the tools and connections to achieve the best outcome possible in these unprecedented times.

We Are Here to Help!

Associations are being disrupted. Digitalization is forcing even the strongest market leaders to accelerate. Traditional strategy consulting is playing catch-up. We are helping large organizations think ahead.

When we wrote the book on how associations needed to think digitally because of the disruption that would occur with Industry 4.0. Yet, the pandemic created an environment to accelerate the need for mass personalization and digitization.

Our team of experts can coach you with 6-week coaching program to help you or your staff stay on a track that will help you become a resilient organization through this crisis and into the future. You can chose any of the following programs or we can customize a program for you.

  • Asset review and review of business model opportunities
  • Communications strategy
  • Virtual/hybrid event strategies
  • Evaluation of partnership opportunities and/or mergers
  • Digital transformation coaching and technology advice

Our consultants have expertise in many areas and can be available on an hourly basis as an extension to your team. Email us at to learn more.