Staffing, Culture and Transformation

Aligning People, Processes and Systems

We pay special attention to ensure all your assets—people, processes and systems—are in sync to enable you to achieve your business goals, reinforce your brand, and provide value to your customers.

Our focus is on improving organizational performance through digital culture—a way of thinking that weaves technology into the basic fabric of how your association does business. Technology is no longer seen as an isolated transactional tool. By aligning the right technology with the mission and vision of an organization, powerful and impactful change occurs.

To strengthen your digital culture, we will work with your senior management team to build a comprehensive digital strategy. This process will:

  • Take stock of your organizational culture and current readiness for change, using our exclusive Transformation Readiness Survey©.
  • Identify gaps in organizational structure, processes, systems and staff capabilities.
  • Create a transformation plan that may include change management strategies, new technology tools, governance and oversight models, and more.

Without a comprehensive association-wide digital strategy it’s extremely challenging to deliver consistent value to members and customers.

Call upon .orgSource advisors to transform your technology function and create a more effective, innovative organization for your members.