Education Strategy and Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Strategy and Systems for Success

The continuing education marketplace is crowded and increasingly competitive. In response, .orgSource has joined with InspirEd to offer comprehensive strategies and technology to support highly transformative learning experiences that achieve both programmatic and financial objectives.

With our InspirEd partners, clients benefit from e-learning science best practices, extending their reach and building revenue. Your association’s education strategy begins with InspirEd’s comprehensive framework for assessing opportunities, addressing challenges, and benchmarking your success. We then develop an implementation roadmap, including products, required technologies, and resources. And we are there to assist with implementation and the development of ongoing systems, processes, and structures to support the evolution of your education strategy.

Our combined skill sets include:

  • Curriculum development
  • Learning strategies
  • Delivery modalities (both digital and in person)
  • Digital technology (LMS), system selection and system integration
  • Business planning, marketing strategy, and communications
  • Assessment/evaluation

From strategy through implementation, contact .orgSource to discuss how our InspirEd partnership can work for you.