Technology Vendor Selection

Objective and Informed Opinion on Your Vendor Selection

When you select .orgSource to help you choose new technology vendors, platforms and systems, you’ll have a knowledgeable, experienced team of consultants on your side. We understand your needs and the complexity of identifying the right systems for asssociations. We will provide you with sound, unbiased advice.

How We Work

  • Our process is comprehensive, including a thorough discovery phase to understand your requirements, developing an RFP, and guiding all aspects of the evaluation, vendor demonstration and selection process.
  • Our analysis of your association’s requirements starts with understanding what is working—and not working—in the present, we can help your association make wise decisions for the future.
  • We also assist you in determining the potential consequences of choosing one path over another. One system change impacts others, and .orgSource helps you focus on improved integration to better meet your business objectives and the needs of your customers

We’re dedicated to making sure the final system meets your needs–instead of trying to influence your expectations to fit the system. We’re able to assist you through the launch of your new system to ensure an efficient implementation.