Understanding Customer Needs and Behaviors

We help you build a member-focused—and growth-oriented—organization.

You know your members are the source of real growth. But what do they really care about? How do you reach them? What happens when you put them first? We combine in-depth insights with practical expertise in operations to help you build a customer-focused—and growth-oriented—organization.

If you are struggling to reach your audience, and break through the clutter to reach new levels of success, our marketing and communications strategists can help you formulate a clear plan for better using internal and external resources, increasing awareness, and clearly communicate the unique value of your organization and its offerings.

A few examples of what we do…

  • Integrated marketing plan development
  • Service and product reviews, development, and positioning
  • Segmentation and content personalization strategy
  • Marketing and communication audits
  • Social media strategy and execution
  • Go to market strategies
  • Editorial calendars
  • Digital experience assessments
  • Key metrics and measurements

We can help you build capacity, create staffing models, and optimize your marketing strategies to thrive in a fast-paced environment.

“Our small staff was hard at work on several initiatives, including LaundryMarksTM. Creating a launch marketing plan would have been a challenge. .orgSource was able to assess our needs and design a strategic marketing plan that not only introduced the LaundryMarks to the industry, but also built incredible excitement about it. Their expert guidance was invaluable.”  –  Linda Fairbanks, Association of Linen Management, Executive Director

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