Staffing Services

Recruiting, Training and Interim Assistance

Many associations are working with less—while striving to maintain the quality of the services, programs and benefits they offer to members and other customers.

In such an environment, training your existing staff and locating the right candidate for when you do have an opening are more important than ever. At .orgSource, we can help with both.

Staff Training

For instance, it is little advantage to your association to have strong technology applications if the staff cannot use them or doesn’t know they exist. This does not require turning each employee into a tech expert; rather, it means creating a well-trained staff that can use your association’s technological advantages to increase productivity and improve services for members.

Resources at all Levels

.orgSource has numerous resources available to educate and train staff at all levels, ensuring the entire organization is ready to implement and manage your initiatives. Our extensive networks of contacts will be deployed to help find candidates with the right skills to become a valued part of your organization.

Temporary Staffing

Meanwhile, if you have a vacancy that requires interim support, .orgSource’s experienced consultants can temporarily fill the gap. Our team members have served in a variety of leadership roles in the association community and are ready to step in when needed.

Contact .orgSource to discuss your training, interim staffing and recruitment needs.


“ I’ve counted on the team at .orgsource for strategic and operational support on many complex technology projects over the years but this is the first time I’ve worked with them on talent recruitment. This was a critical hire for my organization and my experience with .orgsource did not disappoint. They listened to my needs and tailored their  approach to meet those needs. Within 30 days of hiring them I was scheduling our new Director of Professional Development to join as at our annual meeting for her first day! Thank you so much Sherry and team!”

Jennifer Pitts, MA
Senior Director, Products and Programs
The National Association of Healthcare Quality