Market Research


Today, it’s easier than ever to track online habits, produce surveys, and provide forums where customers’ opinions and experiences are viewable to the masses. But are you tracking the right movements? Asking the right questions? Identifying the key issues to resolve? Getting the most out of your data?

Whether you are seeking input to your strategic plan, monitoring customer attitudes, examining your current website and technology, exploring new approaches or evaluating a recent implementation, the team at .orgSource can gather and interpret voice of the customer input.

Our focus is on using market research to help refine your strategies and ensure that you deliver value to your customers.

In addition to being skilled executive interviewers, we have expertise in designing and implementing surveys, analyzing data and interpreting research results.

Our approach to market research begins with an understanding of your business objectives.

Before we write a single survey or interview question, we will work with you to determine how best to provide meaningful customer knowledge that will inform your decision making. And when the data gathering is over, we will present you with a clear, concise report that will focus on the major findings that will make a positive difference for your project.

Rely on .orgSource to help you acquire answers and pinpoint actions to take to meet your goals.