Web & Digital Communications


An organization’s website often serves as its front door—both for prospective customers and existing customers seeking reliable, quality content. .orgSource helps transform your website into a user friendly, valued resource. We are not a design firm or a CMS vendor—we are web strategists who represent your interests. Through our methodology, we help create and enhance websites that will add true value for your customers.

Whether you need a new Content Management System to support your website, just a tweak of your navigation system or a design overhaul to enhance the user experience, .orgSource can guide you. Our seasoned consultants will:

  • Begin with clarifying the role and vision of your website project
  • Align website priorities with overall organizational goals
  • Provide a strategic and governance framework for content development, target audiences, navigation and design, oversight and operations
  • Explore interrelated functionalities required for a customized web experience, inclusive of system integration and personalization
  • Develop systems requirements, manage the vendor/system selection process, and serve as your representative during implementation. 

Our process includes elements such as staff and member surveys, discussions with key constituents, analyses of website metrics and a review of your existing navigation system and content. Based on our comprehensive review process, we will work with you to develop a customized website development strategy.

Integrated Digital Communications

In addition to your website, there are other digital vehicles to consider as part of your overall communications plan. The website is just one tool in your communications arsenal to meet brand visibility, engagement, revenue, customer retention and customer growth goals. We will examine your existing communication products and outlets from both a customer and administrative perspective. We will take into account:

  • Strategic alignment
  • Value delivery
  • Resource management
  • Performance measurements

Then we will develop an integrated plan so various vehicles work in concert, not against each other.

Choose .orgSource as your trusted partner to advance your communication performance.