Targeted Solutions for Growth

Benefit From the Expertise of the Association Community

Learning is a core value for .orgSource. We conduct ongoing research to discover how the most successful associations operate and share those solutions with our clients.

We’ve interviewed hundreds of association executives and conducted focus groups and surveys with the most forward-thinking leaders. This knowledge informs our business practices. 

It is also the inspiration for the Association 4.0 booksPositioning for Success in an Era of Disruption and An Entrepreneurial Approach to Risk, Courage and Transformation.  

The books outline how leaders in the association community are navigating Industry 4.0, or the convergence of the cyber and material worlds.

Research also formed the basis for a Transformation Readiness Assessment, which is a tool to evaluate progress on the path to developing the organizational competence we call Association 4.0.

If your association is ready to begin a new chapter in its development, these activities can jumpstart engagement and creativity:

  • Scenario planning and decision trees to generate ideas, identify opportunities, and make sound choices
  • Mentoring and training talent
  • Innovation Incubators
  • Board development
  • Brainstorming, think-tanks, and idea generation