Strategic Training

.orgSource offers the following in-company strategic training programs designed for your senior team members to help you build the organization’s strategy, establish consensus, strengthen relationships and improve communication. Contact us today to schedule your training.

Essential Training for Executives: Using Your Data to Make Strategic Decisions

When information flows through associations to support decision making, organizational goals are more easily achieved. During this workshop, we’ll help your leadership team understand the types of data used by associations and the basic concepts of business analytics. Through participation in a case competition, your leadership team will gain experience using data to analyze a current situation and make recommendations based on insights gleaned from the data.

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Training Highlights

  • Data supply chain
  • Data in action
  • How data helps organizations
  • Data’s role in association management
  • Requirements for becoming a data-driven organization
  • How to ask the right questions

Team Competition

After the educational portion of the workshop, we put your team to the test with some fun-spirited competition. Presented with some data, we ask the teams to apply what they’ve learned and present recommendations. We’ve found this exercise to be very beneficial and an attendee favorite.


Myers-Briggs – Leadership Team Introduction

Helping to encourage and nurture strong relationships among staff can help your organization with innovation, creativity, collaboration and execution. The Myers-Briggs® Step II assessment (MBTI) helps teams reach their full potential by deepening their understanding of  how they perceive the world around them and make decisions. By understanding the MBTI types present among your team, you can:

  • Identify when ‘type’ may get in the way of moving the organization forward both strategically and efficiently
  • Identify how awareness around type preference can create a positive change in culture, collaboration and productivity
  • Identify how peers and reporting relationships might be able to enhance their perception of others in order to enhance the overall team dynamics
  • Proactively identify ‘type clashes’ among the team and their peers to help continue to build a transparent, intentional and effective work culture.

Training Highlights

  • Interpretation of the individual team member’s Myers-Briggs® Step II reports
    • Review of the four Myers-Briggs Preference Pairs
    • Confirmation of Step I MBTI®  type
    • Review of the 20 MBTI® Step II personality facets
  • Introduction to their team-based MBTI® results and how they can use those results daily
  • Strategic discussion regarding opportunities for the team to enhance the following utilizing their MBTI® results:
    • Communication
    • Making Decisions
    • Managing Change
    • Managing conflict


Myers-Briggs – Enhancing Communication

Requirement: Workshop participants must first complete the Leadership Team Introduction Module.

Good communication is essential if your goal is to enhance  the overall effectiveness of your organization, and specifically your leadership team. Personal and team awareness of how to create and align intentional communication and active listening can advance the team in several different strategic areas.

This workshop is designed to help individuals gain insights into their own behaviors and to make corrections that improve personal and team communication and collaboration.

The Leadership Team Introduction and Enhancing Communication workshops can be combined and conducted as a full-day workshop.

Training Highlights     

  • Review of their individual and team-based MBTI results
  • Overview of the team-based MBTI Living Type Table®
  • How to enhance the team’s communication – interactive exercise
  • How can the team speak and listen more intently?
  • Why is active listening important?
  • How can the team keep the enhanced communication alive?